Our feasibility studies provide insight into the economical trends, strengths, weaknesses and marketplace position within the gaming industry of a specific country. It also determines whether a plan of action is feasible for either a start-up operation or a current operational unit.
By assessing the strengths, weaknesses and gaming technology of current and potential competitors, MG Africa compiles a competitor profile that provides information on how the new or current casino operation can enhance its business and ultimately, its revenues.

A detailed report is compiled after examining competitors’ product offering, facilities, location, accessibility, personnel skills, marketing activity, media and public relations use.

When preparing business plans and development strategies a comprehensive financial forecast is prepared. An analysis is completed that includes capital expenditure, opening and operating financial forecasts.
During this process we set priorities, focus resources and ensure that all stakeholders work toward common goals. This means determining the vision, mission, values and strategies needed to achieve success in the short and long term and allocating resources to these goals. This strategic plan is then translated into action plans and the day-to-day projects and tasks required to achieve success.
Our project planning and management services include developing a complete project plan, which comprises creating detailed plans, time lines and project management strategies, specifying the required resources and associated budgets for completion.


With the company’s extensive experience in opening and managing casinos on the African continent, MG Africa has built a network of partners in both the legal and compliance industries. These partners assist with the procurement of gaming licences for new casino operations.

Procurement of creditors and vendors has a significant impact on cash flow. MG Africa assists in identifying and streamlining a list of vendors to be used and introduces initiatives to improve purchasing and payment practices.

We offer cost-effective and reliable ways to improve operating efficiencies and profit margins. We take a comprehensive approach to operations, marketing programs, and overall property positioning. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to effectively evaluate operations, implement turnarounds, manage properties and develop strategic business and marketing plans. Our long term management contracts deliver against set financial and management targets year after year.
MG Africa works with architects and designers to provide a casino layout that both reflects the brand and provides practical solutions for gaming and non-gaming areas alike.
Sourcing, purchasing and shipping casino equipment can be costly and time consuming. MG Africa assists in finding the right suppliers and partners. Our network of operators and our track record of successful negotiations and purchases ensure the best technology, delivery and implementation with the best financial options available.


At MG Africa, we understand the importance of recruitment, training and on-going development of staff in all areas of the operation.

We provide comprehensive training for staff in all departments and provide standard operating procedures, performance appraisals, management development training and ensure compliance with local labour laws and practices. These are frequently updated and adapted to suit specific casino properties and jurisdictions, but within the framework provided.

MG Africa provide innovative and professional marketing services that include marketing plans addressing local and international marketing to grow revenues and brands. We offer graphic design services to build your brand and advertising schedules to improve reach. Casino promotions, loyalty programmes and CRM are an integral part of our marketing plans. Public relations and digital services, event management and service standards are also part of the marketing services on offer.

Our Management Services

We address the full dynamics of any operation – from the development phase, preopening, ongoing operations and beyond.

The company offers a variety of critical and highly specialized professional management resources, covering the most important aspects of the business. These resources include:

  • Casino management
  • Business development
  • Product development
  • Project development
  • International and domestic marketing
  • Finance, procurement, legal and secretarial and governance and compliance skills
  • Public Relations
  • Human resources
  • Information technology (IT) systems
  • Casino security and access control
  • Engineering Services

This not an extensive list and can include services relating specifically to distressed and transitioning properties that need our input and management skills.

Over and above this, the management company ensures that key local experts are identified and contracted to assist in both the development and management of the properties.

Our management contract is negotiated on a monthly fee and levy on services, with a pre-negotiated profit sharing.