Project Description

Millionaires Casino visited Egyam Childrens’ Home during December 2015 to bring some much needed Christmas cheer to these orphans.

The Home, which started with 32 children, is currently supporting 80 children. 47 children are in residence made up of 33 boys and 14 girls. The rest of the children (33) are community children - 17 are resettled.

The Home is also supporting 16 children from different communities that are called half- orphans. These half-orphans are supported in education and where possible food.

The ages of the children that Egyam Childrens’ Home supports ranges between 5 - 17 years.

As the children’s home have increased the intake of children and provides a save home to almost 80 children they were in need of building another dormitory. Millionaires Casino donated the wall and floor tiles, hand washbasins, water closets and building paint to assist in completing the new dormitory.